Six degrees of separation? I need a motorhome, or travel trailer for 50 States in 50 Days tour. Help!

by Kevin on August 16, 2012

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Ok, I believe in six degrees of separation. I’m going to test it out now. Tomorrow I fly London to Atlanta……pick up my Suburban, and then drive to Nashville……pick up a few things and then head toward Los Angeles to pick up my documentary film cameraman.
To shoot this documentary about the 50 States in 50 Days tour, and make it something beautiful and inspiring for kid’s aging out of foster care, and really anyone………….we need a motorhome, or travel trailer to pull behind my Suburban.
For those that might be new to the mission. I’m the spokesperson for the Orange Duffel Bag Foundation-they help kids aging out of foster care, and at-risk teens. I do a house concert in 50 States in 50 Days, and I interview people that have aged out of foster care, or works with kids aging out, or at-risk teens. One of the main questions I ask them is “who cared about you?”…….and “is there one person that made a difference in your life?”……..the goal is to raise awareness for kid’s aging out in America, and also to inspire. 80% of kids that age out of foster care in America go homeless within the first six months of aging out. Shocking? Yep. Here is a video I put together from the 2010 50 States in 50 Days tour when I was the luncheon honoree for the CASA’s of Orange County.
This vehicle, or travel trailer could be the key to the success of the tour. I can come anywhere in the US to pick it up.
So, I need either a sponsorship from a motorhome/travel trailer company, or an individual that is willing to loan me their camper, or travel trailer from this Saturday, Aug. 18th to approximately Oct. 17th.
So, do you have one? Do you know someone that does? Do you know the head of Coachmen? Forest River? Any large motorhome manufacturer?

I’ve reached out, but have come up cold.
What I can offer them is lots of placement in the documentary, on my youtube channel that has had over 600,000 views, and ad space right here on my blog. Also, the engagement of my 25,000 twitter followers, 5,000 Facebook friends, and 4,200 Facebook “fans”………….plus, each night I take their product to a house concert and put it directly in front of 60 to 100 energized people that will get a tour of whatever vehicle I have.
Please leave your thoughts in the comments below? Do you know someone? I have two days to figure this out. Go!!!!!! Please share this to your Facebook wall. Let’s see if this six degrees of separation thing works?

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