The Roadmap for the 2012 50 States in 50 Days tour-rescheduled. Host a house concert? Your help?

by Kevin on April 10, 2012

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UPDATE-I took 2013 off in terms of a 50 States in 50 Days tour…….but i’ll start booking the 2014 50 States in 50 Days tour very soon. Sign up for the email list to get updates. Ok, ya’ll…..i’m currently on the 50 States in 50 Days tour. The tour roadmap below is constantly being updated, but if you don’t see a link to your house concert it means that i’ve literally not had time to update it while out here on the fly……..I will update my Facebook page instantly, but updating this page is a challenge with the 3rd World internet that we have out here on America’s highways………….anyway, it is amazing out here. Cool things happening.
In 2010, I traveled through 50 States in 50 Days to highlight the plight of homeless teens, and teens aging out of foster care in conjunction with the Orange Duffel Bag Foundation-The Orange Duffel Bag Foundation provides coaching, training and ongoing mentoring to at-risk youth; support to their guardians and caring adults; and service to the community in a spirit of offering hope and enriching young lives.

In each state I performed a house concert, and interviewed a teen that had aged out of foster care, and asked them “who made a difference in your life?”…………the videos of these interviews are on youtube, and I hope they will inspire those who might be considering getting involved with foster care, and also teens that view those videos, and might say, “this person went through what I went through and came out on the other side.”
Finding these stories and house concerts was facilitated by fans, friends, Facebook friends, Twitter friends, etc……I could not have done it without good people getting involved. The concept of the tour is an example of “six degrees of separation” being put into action……in realtime.
At times we would drive 30 minutes into some remote area at midnight to sit down and interview someone that someone attending the house concert knew…….after driving 8 hours and then doing a 2 hour show. They were worth it.
So, after skipping a 2011 50 States in 50 Days tour………i’ve committed myself to the 2012 50 States tour……I need your help in finding a house concert in your state, and also, finding someone to interview in your state. How?

  1. If you would like to host a house concert in your state, then simply email me?
  2. If you have a friend that might like to host a house concert, or that you could partner with to co-host, then email me?
  3. If you know someone who aged out of foster care, or you yourself aged out, then leave a comment in the comment section, or email me privately?
  4. You can “share” this post to your Facebook wall with some commentary on why your friends should get involved.
  5. You can “like” this post.
  6. You can join the “I Support Kevin Montgomery’s 50 States in 50 Days tour” Facebook group.
  7. You can join my email list, and provide your zip code, so that a couple of weeks prior to the tour I can email you with info on the location of the house concert.
  8. You can comment in the “comments” section below on how the 2010 50 States in 50 Days tour might have inspired you?
  9. Volunteer to help co-ordinate some aspects of the tour. I’m looking for a core group of folks that can work together to help with their specific community in each state.
  10. You can “like” the Kevin Montgomery page on Facebook that you will see on this page just to the right of these words.
  11. You can now also “subscribe” to my personal page on Facebook even though i’ve reached my 5,000 friend limit you can still then see my public updates.

So, here is the Roadmap of the 2012 50 States in 50 Days tour. Look at the dates and see if you can get involved?

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Do you want to host a house concert for this tour? Get in touch.
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This is a video I put together of interviews from the 2010 50 States in 50 Days tour for the CASA’s of Orange County when I was their Luncheon Honoree. Some inspiring stories……..

I welcome your thoughts and comments below………..

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