Copies of long out of print “Another Long Story” and “True” are now available! Grab one.

by Kevin on July 12, 2017

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I’m happy to say that I now have copies of “Another Long Story” and “True” available after being out of print for a few years. Some of you only know “Some Comfort”……….so, I’m making them available for purchase right here from me.
Funny story, when I made my first record for A&M Records the publicity department printed up about 1,000 copies of special “press only” copies that were ostensibly only for promotional purposes and went out to the select tastmakers throughout the industry………… hopes that they might write about it.
One day my neighbor across the way came running down his steps and said excitedly, “Kevin, I bought your record!”…….he had one of the wooden cover promotional copies. I asked him where he got it and he said, “from a used record store”—that is when I knew it was over.
But here I am, 25 years later still doing music…………and living.
Speaking of “still doing music”……..i’ve confirmed two shows in November and tickets are on sale-Newcastle and Glasgow. Also, will be doing some house concerts in America during the month of August. Let me know if you are interested in hosting one?
Anyway, “Another Long Story” was made in 2001ish……features “Angel Tonight”, “Another Long Story”, “Let’s All Go to California”, and Springsteen cover “I Wish I Were Blind” and makes a darn good birthday gift. You can buy it here. 10 uk pounds converts at about 12.87 US dollars, plus 1 pound postage.

“True” featured “Nothing”, “True”, “There She Goes”, and a song written by my father for Patsy Cline, “Back in Baby’s Arms” recorded in Nashville at 16 Ton Studios.

You can buy both “Another Long Story” and “True” in one click below. I’ll personally sign all cds and mail them out the next day! Click below.

“I Wish I Were Blind” from Another Long Story…………

“Nothing” from True…………..

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