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by Kevin on January 18, 2009

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We made this video in Nashville. Neil Lisk directed, and Deaton Flanigan donated the film. George Flanigan is one of my best buds in Nashville, and i casually asked him one night while out in Nashville…..”how much would it cost to make a low-budget video?” He ultimately made it happen very cheaply by hooking me up with the brilliant Neil Lisk. This video made Top of the Pops 2 in the UK in Oct. of 2003. It is one of my favs.

Neil Lisk showed the “Let’s All Go to California” to his friend Paul Cotter in the UK, and they both flew to Nashville and made the “Another Long Story” video with Paul directing this time. It was real gorilla style shooting. The “shot” was all one take………..i walked down that alley about 19 times……AND i had a broken toe. I had woken in the night to go to the restroom and tripped on some dumbbells that had been left on the floor-where i usually left them!!! Ha!
This video made into GAC’s Top 20 in March of 2004:

The Tennessee Girl video was shot on a roadtrip from Nashville to Post, Texas…….we shot along the way. Alot of the footage was shot in Post, Texas.

I met a guy named Glenn Sweitzer on myspace, and we became good friends. Glenn shot this video for me on Danny White’s farm in Hendersonville. I invited all my myspace friends, and we had a party basically, and filmed it. We performed on a flat bed attached to an old tractor, and my friend Dale Dorman got some fried chicken donated from a local barbecue place. About 200 folks showed up…… went so well that Glenn shot the video for “Back in Baby’s Arms” AND “True.
“Back in Baby’s Arms” video:

“True” video:

I was just searching on and found this video that i had totally forgotten about… friend Jim Turner and his wife Julie came down from Buffalo, NY for the shoot, and he put together a behind the scenes video from the video shoot. Check it out! I love it!

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