Chance meeting turns into Bluebird Cafe show w/Don Henry, Kim Richey, and Bill Lloyd-Friday, July 25th.

by Kevin on July 15, 2015

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So, on a Sunday evening walk at dusk when I ran into Don Henry. An old friend and one of my favorite humans. Supremely talented. I asked Dad one time how long a publisher should keep a songwriter if they were “in the hole”……..he replied, “well, with someone like Don Henry you keep them forever, because one day their going to write a smash and you will recoup your investment”…………..Don wrote Grammy Award winning “Where’ve you Been” by Kathy Matthea, and many others. Dad believed in him enough to sign him to Epic Records in the 90’s.
So, after the hugs…….he said, “hey man, what are you doing on July 25th? Can you play the Bluebird with me, Kim Richey, and Bill Lloyd?”…………HECK YES!
The Bluebird is mostly sold out these days……….so, this is tip off. Get your tickets now! This is a dream bill for me. I’m a fan of everyone on the bill.
Foster and Lloyd’s “Texas in 1880″……love it……was the soundtrack for my move to Hollywood when I was 22. Kim Richey………I know the harmonies. Cannot wait.
I hope to see you there.

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