Alive in New Orleans-Live webcast from the Travel Trailer. Join us!

by Kevin on October 2, 2012

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We made it into Mississippi from Florida for a webcast from the truck in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn Express at about 10pm last night…….then rolled into New Orleans, Louisiana to a KOA by some really large mosquitoes.
I love KOA’s……great people. Roberta from the front desk very kindly let us stay pass check out to do our live webcast from Louisiana.
So, tune in…..we are broadcasting momentarily from our T@B Travel trailer from KOA in New Orleans………we are coming into the homestretch of this year’s 50 States in 50 Days tour……tomorrow we play Rogers, Arkansas, and then Dallas, Texas……Oklahoma City and then New Mexico. We don’t have a house concert in New Mexico, or Utah, or California, so let me know if you know anyone in those states that would want to host us.
If you’d like to tip us by buying a “cup of coffee or tank of gas” that would be much appreciated……………
So tune in now…. You can always watch, but if you want to “chat” via the chatroom, then I think you will need to create a profile with……which takes about 5 minutes. Some of the most fun is had in the chat room while the broadcast is going on………you can find me show at If you’d like to tip (just like you would if you were in the Hogsbreath and you walked up to the tip jar, then you can do that right here on this website via paypal….here.
Or here is the embedded link…….but if you want to chat, or see the chat…….I would follow the other link.
Streaming .TV shows by Ustream
Join the chat here………

The Remaining dates on this year’s 50 States in 50 Days tour………..

  • Wednesday, Oct. 3rd-Rogers, Arkansas Private House Concert-email Kevin
  • Thursday, Oct. 4th-Dallas,Texas-House Concert-see tour dates for info and ticketsAttend This House Concert
  • Friday, Oct. 5th-Edmond, Oklahoma-House Concert-see tour dates for info and ticketsttend This Event
  • Saturday, Oct. 6th-Santa Fe, New Mexico-we need a house concert. Any ideas?
  • Sunday, Oct. 7th-Englewood, Colorado-House Concert-email me for details
  • Monday, Oct. 8th-Utah-we need a house concert. Any ideas?
  • Tuesday, Oct. 9th-Nevada-we need a house concert-any ideas?
  • Wednesday, Oct. 10th-Phoenix, Arizona-House Concert-email me for detailsuy Tickets now
  • Thursday, Oct. 11th-California-we need a house concert. Any ideas?
  • Friday, Oct. 12th-Honolulu, Hawaii-House Concert
  • Saturday, Oct. 13th-rest
  • Tune in now!

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