Barely alive webcast from North Carolina on the 36th night of the 50 States in 50 Days tour. Join us!

by Kevin on September 28, 2012

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Yep, Sunday in Virginia……….pulling out of town I hear a hissing noise……pull into a gas station and pop to hood. Coolant is streaming out of the side of the reservoir of the radiator. I pressed down with my finger and the stream stopped. I thought to myself, “you have duct tape…..duct tape is a musician’s friend”………so, I retrieved it from the camper, dried off the reservoir with my new towel……..pushed down, and duct taped it. I jumped back in the truck and said to Ruth, “let’s get on the highway and see what happens”……..we made it 5 and a half hours to Parkersburg, West Virginia, and then a further 10 hours to Kentucky and then Nashville.
It was a Sunday, and the possibility of a new radiator reservoir was minimal, as in none……..I actually pushed down with my finger with a considerable amount of resignation……after two transmissions, new belts, front differential, rear differential, a locked up tensioner thingie that made me lose the serpentine belt, and a nail in my brand new tire……I was pretty resigned to the fact that a little leak would not slow us down. We made it.
Why am I always the most worn out for the most important shows? London, New York, Los Angeles, Nashville………I can almost guarantee when I roll into town for a show I will have slept anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours………5 hours on a good night!
The Nashville webcast for the 33rd night of this year’s 50 States in 50 Days tour was one of the best night’s of my life………Ruth Trimble, Beth Neilsen Chapman, Gayle Davies, Andrea Zonn, Scott Saunders, Gary Jenkins all stopped in and sat in……and a host of friends and family showed up to make it a special night.
The next night we played Georgia, which was equally as special, because my sister Echo Garrett, and the whole crew from the Orange Duffel Bag Foundation was on hand, plus a couple of the graduates from their program for kids aging out of foster care came along as well. Beautiful.
Today, I feel like I need to be duct-taped up and put out on the road to “see what happens”………….but will power onto North Carolina for a webcast at around 5pm. Please join in……..the chat is downright hilarious, and tonight I need some time with folks in the chat……….encouragement is good. That is my fuel.
So, Tune in to our live broadcast from North Carolina at 6:45pm Eastern time………that is 11:45pm UK time for those of you across the pond……and if you want to tip us with a “tank of gas, or cup of coffee” that would be appreciated.
You can always watch, but if you want to “chat” via the chatroom, then I think you will need to create a profile with……which takes about 5 minutes. Some of the most fun is had in the chat room while the broadcast is going on………you can find me show at If you’d like to tip (just like you would if you were in the Hogsbreath and you walked up to the tip jar, then you can do that right here on this website via paypal….here.
Or here is the embedded link…….but if you want to chat, or see the chat…….I would follow the other link.
Streaming .TV shows by Ustream
Join the chat here………

The Remaining dates on this year’s 50 States in 50 Days tour………..

  • Tuesday, Sept. 25th-Nashville, Tennessee Attend this In-Studio Performance/House Concert
  • Wednesday, Sept. 26th-Marietta, Georgia Attend this House Concert
  • Thursday, Sept. 27th-Birmingham, Alabama Attend this show
  • Friday, Sept. 28th-North Carolina
  • Saturday, Sept. 29th-South Carolina
  • Sunday, Sept. 30th-Lake Mary, Florida Attend this House Concert
  • Monday, Oct. 1st-Louisiana
  • Tuesday, Oct. 2nd-Mississippi
  • Wednesday, Oct. 3rd-Rogers, Arkansas Private House Concert-email Kevin
  • Thursday, Oct. 4th-Dallas,Texas Attend This House Concert
  • Friday, Oct. 5th-Edmond, Oklahoma Attend This Event
  • Saturday, Oct. 6th-Santa Fe, New Mexico-Private House Concert (email)
  • Sunday, Oct. 7th-Englewood, Colorado-Private House Concert
  • Monday, Oct. 8th-Utah
  • Tuesday, Oct. 9th-Nevada
  • Wednesday, Oct. 10th-Phoenix, Arizona Buy Tickets now
  • Thursday, Oct. 11th-California
  • Friday, Oct. 12th-Honolulu, Hawaii-Private House Concert
  • Saturday, Oct. 13th-rest
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