I’m exploring Google Plus. I’m cautiously optimistic. Who wants an invite?

by Kevin on July 16, 2011

Oh no, another “social” network. Who needs one? I’ve got Facebook and Twitter. I’m busy.
Google is rolling out their new attempt at a social network. Buzz was horrible and they failed miserably. This time is could be different.
I was lucky enough to get an invite to the limited rollout, and have been exploring it the past couple of days. I’m liking what i’m seeing at the moment. Right now, it is populated with early adopters, techies, and social media “stars”, so it can be a bit cavernous, but as one of the chosen few who got an invite……I can now invite other folks.
So, email me at kevin @ kevinmontgomery.com if you want an invite?
Also, once I get you in…….add me to your “Circles”-don’t forget!!!
Here is my new Google Plus profile. Find me there if you already have an account.
No, i’m not leaving Facebook! I LOVE Facebook, but I can see the merits of having a Google Plus presence as well, especially as a blogger. Google seems serious this time, and i’m loving the idea of “Circles”……….Ben Parr explains the concept much for eloquently than I can in his Mashable article, Google Plus-The Complete Guide.
UPDATE-Two thoughts………..one, add me to your “Circles” when I invite you into Google Plus (even if you title your circle ‘dumbasses’), and I found a great site with people that are already on Google Plus to “Follow”………..it will add to your experience to “follow” some folks that are already on there and sharing. Plus, the list is pretty cool.
Don’t miss yesterday’s blog about the upcoming Belfast show, US House Concerts in August, and info on the new cd.
What do you think? Is Google Plus going to give Facebook and Twitter a run for their money? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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