Mike McAdam is the feral child from Mel Gibson’s Mad Max movie-photographic evidence

by Kevin on April 4, 2011

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We have reason to believe that Mike McAdam is actually the feral kid from Mel Gibson’s Mad Max movies. We have pictures AND video. I would like to take full credit for this discovery, but I can’t. Shawn Byrne sent me an email with the attached photos. The email:
Have you ever seen the movie “Road Warrior” with Mel Gibson? Classic. Well I was watching it the other night and I noticed the little feral monkey boy in the movie looks like someone we know;)

Shawn followed up with an email a few hours later with further photographic evidence, titled simply, “More Proof”:
The first photo is obviously from the Steve Earle and the Dukes era. Note the t-shirt under the nice black dinner jacket. The shorter hair would also harken to the latter half of that era-mullets were less important when establishing pecking order amongst the male species of road musician.
The second photo was most likely from the Mary Chapin-Carpenter era of Mike’s career. Notice the more trendy dinner jacket, and the shirt buttoned all the way to the top. This would indicate that there was some sort of dress code imposed by Chapin, and Mike, whilst uncomfortable, was for a short time conforming to the wishes of Chapin. Furthermore, notice the follicle plummage on his head. When threatened, or the possibility of a male intruder exists, many times the male will grow their hair and make it high to threaten other males that come into their territory. Two such examples: or
Shawn piqued my interest when in an email he said, “he could not stop laughing every time the feral child/mike appeared in the movie”…….I decided to try to find a clip of the feral child on youtube. The clip I found is strong evidence that the feral child and Mike are one in the same. Note that the feral child’s interest in music. The video:

I’ve toured with Mike for almost 8 years, and although I have noticed a certain feraladiddity about him……I never would have made the connection. Kudos to Shawn for connecting the dots.
To view the feral child/Mike McAdam in its natural environment…….you can find him on the road with Chris Knight, or in Key West.


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