I’ll be live streaming tonight from the hotel in North Dakota-Join us!

by Kevin on November 4, 2010

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Sitting outside a Holiday Inn Express…….grabbing the “free wireless”……had to resort to that since my mobile broadband is not working well on the road. Stayed overnight in Laramie to get an Orange Duffel Bag Story from a young lady that aged out of foster care, so we are a little behind schedule……plan, drive to Dickinson, North Dakota and jump into a hotel there…….then live stream via Ustream.
I had difficulties finding a house concert to play in North Dakota for this year’s 50 States in 50 Days tour, so will do this instead.
Please join us tonight at 9pm Central time for the live stream here. I’ll play some of the new songs, and you can chat with a very tired Sean and Kevin. You can “tip” us by buying us a tank of gas, or a coffee here.
Or here is the embedded link…….but if you want to chat, or see the chat…….I would follow the other link.
Streaming .TV shows by Ustream
Join the chat here………

If you’d like to buy us a tank of gas, or a coffee……click here.
This is our real-time location………

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