“Another Long Story”-The Making of the video

by Kevin on May 6, 2009

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After making the “Let’s All Go to California” video I was very interested in working with Neil Lisk again. He went back to England, and played the record for his friend, Paul Cotter. Paul is a young director as well, and he got excited about coming to Nashville to shoot a video on my behalf.
He came up with a concept of filming the video all in one continuous shot. This would save money in editing, and this is the concept that he thought would work for the video, so we went with it.
Neil and he flew to Nashville, and we shot the video in East Nashville in an alley. It was guerilla-style shooting, so we had no permits, and were just trying to get it done quickly.
We recruited friends, family, girlfriends, etc. to be the extras.
In the beginning, an ex-girlfriend can be seen walking her dog, Shatzi, across the street. I missed that dog terribly when we broke up. Robert Reynolds {from The Mavericks and The Roadtrippers) and his wife Angie walk out into the alleyway, and put a guitar in his white truck………and a neighbor lady who got mad at us for moving her garbage bins nearly runs over me near the end of the video!
I had a broken toe that day, and we shot the video 19 times…..remember, it is one continuous shot, so NO EDITS! I saw the lady coming down the street, and knew she was mad at us…….but was determined that the take we were on was going to be THE take……..so, I went ahead and walked out into the street in front of her……..you can see the expression on my face, and then her drive in right behind me.
This video cost about $1,500 to make, and ended up making it into the Top 20 on Great American Country in April of 2004. CMT, VH1 Country, and CMC in Australia continue to play it as well. Not bad for $1,500, and the generous help of Neil and Paul and others.

See the “Let’s All Go to California” video that Neil Lisk directed.

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